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  • What payment methods do you take?
    Online bank transfers , Pay pal, Credit Card An invoice is provided at the beginning of each session.
  • What happens to the items I discard?
    As we sort through your possessions you’ll make decisions about which items you’ll keep and which items you want to discard. I encourage clients to think about whether the items they no longer want can be gifted (passed on to friends or family), donated to charity shops or sold (on the market place ), this helps to reduce what ends up being discarded as rubbish.
  • How many sessions will I need to book?
    This varies from person to person and will depend on the size of the house and the volume of items that we need to work through. For an area of your home, I typically suggest that the first session you book is 4 hours long, that way I’m able to give you a and estimeate on time. it may take more or everything may be cover in these 4 hours. For more than one area. I offer a range of packages to support you in organizing your home, including discounts for booking more than 14 hours or multiple sessions, and follow up support . My role is to help you achieve your ideal home organization system, efficency and maximization of your spaces.
  • Who uses a Professional Organizer?
    Actually Anyone ! It could be that you lack time because of a busy work and/or home life, you may be dealing with a change in your personal circumstances or perhaps you feel overwhelmed by the acumulation of items and just don’t know where to start. Do any of the following scenarios sound like you? Not sure how to start or feeling too overwhelmed to tackle the clutter by yourself Families with a new addition or with grown up children leaving home Business owners who lack time to get on top of paperwork Busy people with lots on and not enough spare time to tidy Following a change in your personal life (merging households, divorce, bereavement) No matter what is the organizing goal, we are trained to help you get there FAST!.
  • Do I need to be there all the time?
    Yes, If you are decluttering, We will need you for 10-15 minutes for a few questions of what you are disregarding, keeping, selling or donating. Then you can sitback and let us do our magic! If is just organization services, you dont need to be with us, as we already discussed your organization goals in our home assestment meeting.
  • Are you a member of Professionals Organizers in Canda?
    Yes, I'm a registered member at Professionals Organizers in Canda and follow its Code of Ethichs
  • KonMari vs Minimalism?
    The KonMari Method is not Minimalism – it’s about curating a home where you are more aware of what you own, making sure that you need & love what you have and know where to find it. Some of my clients like minimalist clear surfaces whilst others prefer a ‘more lived’ style of home. You decide how much stays or go depending on your personal preferences or needs, find out more about the KonMari Method.
  • What areas does A Better Organizing cover?
    For in person work we cover the following areas, Stouffville - Aurora - Newmarket - Markham - Richmond Hill - Claremont - Uxbridge - Pickering- Ajax-Toronto - Vaughan. Online Home Organization Coaching we work all Over the Word!
  • What are the KonMari Categories?
    The KonMari Method has 5 categories; Clothes, Books, Papers, Komono (miscellaneous) and Sentimental. Tidying by category will help you to see the volume of duplicate or similar items you own and help you to make informed decisions about what Sparks Joy and what can be discarded. .
  • Is your service confidential?
    Yes our service is completely confidential. Our Privacy Policy gives further information about this. You can rest assure that we keep all information as well as job description totally confidential.
  • What do I need to do before the session?
    There’s no need to tidy before I arrive as I like to be able to see how you live in your home and use the different rooms. We provide suplies for us to do our work so you can sitback and relax.
  • What is the benefit of hiring a Professional Organizer?
    Hiring a professional organizer can be a great way to help you get organized and streamline your home or office. A professional organizer can help you create effective systems to organize your space, reduce clutter, and maximize efficiency. They can also provide guidance on how to declutter and organize your things, as well as tips on how to stay organized in the future. With their help, you can create a more organized and productive space. Professional Organizers work with clients to declutter and organize their living and work areas. Having a trained organizer working with you is like having an impartial coach who will support you judgement free in achieving your vision, keeping you motivated and on track even when things become emotional or overwhelming. A lot of people find that using a Professional Organizer can save them time, money and effort in the long run.
  • Should I buy some extra storage before our decluttering session?
    There’s no need to buy new storage before we start working together. Storage is the final part of the process once we know what's left that we need to find a home for. Wherever possible we'll use the storage that you already have. If you need to buy some additional or new storage then I will advise on the best options to consider.
  • Do you offer a cleaning service?
    Cleaning is not part of our service. We help our clients to declutter and organize their homes. However we help clean the areas to organize for better look and result.
  • What is The KonMari Method?
    The KonMari Method™ was developed by Japanese organizing expert Marie Kondo, bestselling author of ‘The Life Changing Magic of Tidying up’ and star of Netflix series ‘Tidying Up with Marie Kondo’. Marie Kondos method differs to other decluttering methods in two key ways: Rather than decluttering by room or location, we tidy by Category. You make positive choices about keeping possessions that "Spark Joy" rather than specifically looking for items to discard. The aim is to surround yourself with things you love and use.
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