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My amazon must read books

Updated: Jan 31

I am Elizabeth Lowe, a Professional Organizer, Life Coach and KonMari Consultant. I am happy to share organizational tips for a better and relaxed living, as well as the best products that will help you get your home and spaces beautifully organized in a functional way. Honestly, Who doesn't like that!

Because I strongly believe in the energy and the power of the right mindset, the first think I will love to share with you to organized your word from the inside out, here I share some powerful self help books, to help you get where ever is it you want to get!

This is one of the best book for personal growth and Financial wisdom.I honestly red it twice to completely understand how to practice all the useful information this book has to offer.

You are more than welcome to check this books reviews


This amazing book is full of practical advice for individuals who want improve a better version of them self, As a Man Thinketh is an essential little volume with a lot to teach us, It explains and promotes the direct connection between our thoughts and our happiness. To believe in the power of positive thinking.

Even thought a lot people don't understand the impact that it has in our daily life and these concepts remain unclear to others, this book teach us how to mold out thoughts so this beautiful nature master piece that is our brain can help us to be successful. As a Man Thinketh explains and promotes the direct connection between what we think and the direction our lives take, and reveals the secrets to having the most fulfilling existence possible, and it’s easier than any of us could have imagined. We all can learn how to master the output of your brain in order to obtain the personal success of which ALL of us dream!


This book will definitely open your mind. After reading these book, I realized something I had not known before, that the ego, and the stream of thoughts in our mind is not WHO we are. when you realize this, you also realize that you have a choice , we don't have to listen to the Ego, we don't have to live in our minds. If you are ready for a life change this book is a must!


I've been reading Dr.Hawkins' books for a while now, mostly interiorizing his Letting Go and the Map of consciousness which has been one of the most profound and useful books I've ever read in my life.they came to me when I need it the most. No other self-help or spiritual book that I found comes even close to the depths of this man's work. Interestingly, his books find their ways to those who need them at the right time, If you find yourself interested in purchasing this book then rest assured that you should go for it, since the fact alone that you somehow found out about its existence is

proof enough of it appearing in your life at the right time.

That's how it was for me, too. This book was the starter of a period of working on myself, studying psychoanalysis and untangling and understanding the reason of my own traumas, believes and ego obsessions. Suddenly, it felt so appealing to me.

if you decide to buy this book I will advise that this is an extremely profound but intense book. Its content may very well upset some very specific believes in your life, some fundamental ideas about who or what you are, as well as your ideas about reality itself. You must be willing and dedicated to take some risks with your psyche and knowing that there may very well not be a going back to the accepted paradigms you grew up with. It did it for me!


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